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These pages contain my writings. I hope you enjoy them!

"Broken" is a short story told in first-person about a psychopathic aunt who is asked to babysit her nephew. I won't say any more than that because I don't want to spoil it for you, but I will warn you that it is a bit dark. I wrote it in 2009 after having a dream about something similar happening. I wrote down my dream, edited it, and gave it a storyline to turn it into a short story.

Rebecca Nurse's Diary is an essay that I wrote when I was 16 as part of a writing assignment for my high school English class. The assignment was to write a diary entry for a character from The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The play is based on the Salem Witch Trials that took place in the late 1600s. The character (and real-life person) that I chose to write about is Rebecca Nurse, who was hanged July 19, 1692 at the age of 71.

More writings are coming soon. Unfortunately, life gets in the way a lot, so please be patient.

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