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Rebecca Nurse's Diary

Dear Diary,


        To-day, I was taken to the jail along with Sarah Good and three other women. I was brought to a cell where many of the accused are chained to the walls. It is dark and cold in the cell. The only stream of light flows from a small window with iron bars across it. The dank room carries an air of impending doom. Looking around at the other prisoners, it is easy to see that they have become immersed in their misery. They know that each new day could be their last. The sounds of hopeless sobs echo all throughout the room. Prayers float through the air and bounce off of the cold stone walls.

        I have only been here a few minutes, and already I feel ill with worry. How many of these people will still be here tomorrow? How many of them will be executed? I sit here, praying for someone to open the door and tell us that we are free to go home. But of course, no one comes, and we are each left to face the uncertainty of what the future will bring.

        There are a great many cows gathered outside the window. They are all wandering around aimlessly; I wish I could do the same. I open my mouth to pray but I cough from the dust in the air. I have heard of several people dying in prison cells. Sarah Osborn died in prison, and I sense that many more innocent people will also die of the poor conditions in the jail cells. Either die in jail or die on the gallows; those are our options. I must stay strong and not lose hope. God knows I am innocent.


Rebecca Nurse


The above diary entry is fictional; Rebecca Nurse, however, was a real person. She and nineteen others were executed in the Salem Witch Trials; several more died in the prison cells. To find out more, click here.

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"Rebecca Nurse's Diary"

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